Hey, thanks for stopping in. theDeltaFlyer.com is a place for me to organize my thoughts and projects in a public space.
Feel free to look around and have fun.

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web development

Is it wrong to want to develop web platforms that are simple to use, are secure, and make sense? Oh, it is? Well then, I guess I'm doing it wrong (and I'm okay with that).

app development

I have experience in C++ and Java but OSX and iOS Objective-C development can be a nice passtime as well. Lately I've been delving into what I can accomplish with Python.


I enjoy working out challenges. When I find a good challenge that I feel I can tackle, I'll make a project out of it. Once my project is complete sometimes I decide to share what I've done with the world!

it support

If you need help with your IT, you can hire me! I work through the company Excited Bit to provide my top IT skills to those who need it.